Monday, August 17, 2009

Seoul Fixed Gear Bike Shop - Skid Bikes

Over the weekend I went to Skid Bikes to help two people (who had found me via this blog) buy bikes here in Seoul. I had never heard of Skid Bikes (their website needs some help) - they are located pretty close to the metro in Apgujeong.

We spent about two hours there and I watched them answer many questions in English and assemble a new bike (Jamis with a flip-flop) from a box, which took them about a half-hour. They have a very small shop, but overall were very friendly, prompt and competent. Their selection of bikes, components and accessories on hand is very low, due to their store size. They have new bikes for sale as well as used frames - the mechanics all ride very fancy bikes themselves so I assume they can custom order parts for you.

Both people wound up buying a bike - the Jamis - and I was impressed with the whole experience, especially after my overwhelmingly negative experience with LSD. I would definitely recommend Skid Bikes for the foreigner in Seoul looking for a fixed or free single speed bike. Just in case you are wondering, I have no financial or other relationship with them.


kevin said...

Does Skid Bikes have any bigger bikes like 57 or 59 cm?! I live in Chuncheon and they cannot find me a frame over 54cm. I will checkout the store this weekend. One month here and in need of a fixie.

Sasha Friedman said...

If you are in a hurry, you are probably out of luck - they have such a small store that I doubt they carry more than five bikes at a time. They can help you to order one though - I'd be surprised if they can't get a big enough frame for you.

Ride safe and remember that while you are on a bike in Korea, you are invisible.


David said...

Where is the shop?

Sasha Friedman said...

The shop is near the Apgujeong subway stop, a few blocks from the subway. The map on Skid's website doesn't really explain it at all.

I'd recommend calling them for directions... otherwise, you can try to follow mine.

>Apgujeong, exit 2, head northeast along the major road.

>Turn right at the seventh block (right before the second Hana Bank that is on the main street).

>Head south-southwest on this narrow road, watching for cars.

>At the fork in the road (Starbucks), continue SSW.

>In a few blocks, you will see Skid - it is a very small shop on your left (the East side of the road). They have a large display window, so you will be able to see their bikes.

This map is centered on Skid - backtrack with the directions to find the subway stop.

I hope this helps... I apologize that these aren't the most user-friendly directions.

Anonymous said...

One of the guys who got in touch wasn't called Matthew Choy, was he? If so, he contacted me too! Unfortunately, I wasn't available that weekend. Sounds like you were a lot more help than I would've been. I have an L S D bike but, like you, I wasn't blown away by their service. They seem strangely reluctant to make a sale! Plus in the first month, there were several major problems with the bike (that I won't list here). I'd be interested to know your experience with them.

Sasha Friedman said...

That was the trip indeed. Check out the comment section of my original LSD post for more information on them:


Anonymous said... your original post.

As for the "dangerous" element you mentioned: I had back wheel problems (luckily not on a busy road) as it slipped forward throwing the chain off and wedging the tire against the left side of the frame. Then the seatpost fell into the frame (3 times - "faulty screw" apparently). Finally, the left pedal wasn't aligned properly so it was gradually sheering and eventually fell off!

I'm heading to SKID after ChuSeok. Hopefully, they'll want to do something crazy like accept money in exchange for something in their shop.

In case you're worrying about my safety(!), I had the bike checked out/tightened up at a local bike shop.

Anonymous said...


I'm looking to buy a fixie in Seoul and was wondering what their pricing is like compared to the U.S. Do you recall an average price range? Thanks for your time!

Sasha Friedman said...

As far as pricing goes, expect about a 10% premium over US prices. I had a few parts shipped to me and the price of the parts plus shipping was the same price that I could buy the parts for in Korea.

sure would said...

Just a heads up. Skid Bikes is going out of business in April. The owner guy said he got a new job and he was done with it.

Sasha Friedman said...

Well that's too bad about Skid Bikes... does anyone have a recommendation for any other shops?

John Pea said...

I also had a bad experience with LSD I forgot who I was.