Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Microsoft's Racially Charged Stock Photography

EDIT: Microsoft has since fixed their strange marketing decision.

On the forums of one of my favorite websites, TheDailyWTF, a poster pointed out that a photo on Microsoft's Polish site had been doctored to remove the black man from the picture, as seen on Microsoft's global site for Optimize Your Business Productivity Infrastructure (OBPI).

Since then, Microsoft (or whoever is in charge of their website) has changed the photos to include the black man in both pictures, but not before I managed to capture the offending photoshoped image, presented in animated gif format for your viewing pleasure.

Also of note, as pointed out on the WTF forums: the Apple laptop. Bootcamp aside, whoever chose that stock photography, as well as made the decisions to edit it for race, needs to get a talking to.

EDIT 2: Story got widespread, Microsoft apologizes. "Marketing site photo mistake—sincere apologies. We're in the process of taking down the image." (source)

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