Saturday, May 16, 2009

Subway Story

So most days the subway is so crowded that you never interact with people, as long as you don't count being touched by at least seven other people. Last Friday I was taking the subway home at about 2:30PM and it was pretty empty (I count empty as not having to take my backpack off) - probably only 100 people on the car.

At one stop (Sadang), about five middleschool girls got on the train and came and stood over by me. The brave one of the group said, "Hello" in English and I replied with a "Howdy" that set off a fit of giggles. They asked me where I was from in English and as this is a phrase I know in Korean, I told them (cho nin mi gook saram is sayo). More giggles ensued.

They then got in a tizzy about something, chattering back and forth. The brave one told me that they loved my eyelashes, so long and brown... to which I replied, "Shouldn't you be in school right now?"

Fortunately my stop (Naksongde) was the next one.

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