Monday, May 4, 2009


Sara and I joined my mom in Maui for a week long vacation. As far as I'm concerned, Maui might as well be paradise. We spent most of the week hanging out - very few activities - which was just what we needed to unwind from the busy Seoul life.

I bought myself a new camera - a Pentax K20 - and spent a lot of time getting to know it - 900+ pictures on the week long trip. The odds were on my side, and I managed to snap a few good shots.

The sunsets were beautiful.

A photogenic rock / stream.

Said stream.

Showing off the Pentax's shutter speeds.

A friendly cardinal.

Playing with the shutter speed - a 30 second night exposure.

A beautiful beach covered in basalt.

A broken post.

Enjoying the beach with Sara.

Mount Haleakala's debris field.

Yet another beautiful sunset.

The condo area by night (long exposure)

Haleakala means business. 10k feet (drivable), cinder cones abound.

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