Monday, September 8, 2008

San Juan Islands

Sara and I recently were recently on holiday - up to Port Townsend for a wedding (congrats Phil and Miriam) and then up to the San Juan Islands for a Kayaking trip.

Notable moments on the trip:
  • Sara meeting my mother for the first time, as well as a large number of cousins. It all went well, of course!
  • The kayaking was a surprise - I managed to keep the three day long, guided trip a secret from Sara until on San Juan Island, outside a grocery store, our future guide spotted us. She knew two people from Portland were meeting the group on their bikes, so she came up and asked us, "Are you two kayaking tomorrow?" I stammered for a few moments and then, reluctantly, said "yes".
  • Our guide made up for it later by bringing along a gorilla suit to the remote island on which we camped. After dark one night I donned the gorilla suit and, chocolate cake in hand (care of the dutch oven), sneaked up on the group and yelled "SURPRISE!"
Here are a few photos from the trip:

Our bikes and tent.

Our campground from the water.

Sunset on the island.


A lavender farm on San Juan Island - the best smelling place ever.

Bikes lashed to the ferry.

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