Monday, September 8, 2008

Moving to South Korea

Well, Sara and I have made the decision to move to South Korea together. The timeline is as follows:
  • Portland has been feeling a little stagnant and the two of us are ready to move on.
  • Sara is a very good teacher of English as a foreign language, making her employable worldwide.
  • In a notably uncharacteristic move, I take a back seat in the planning department and decide to follow Sara to wherever she feels she could get the best job.
  • Sara has been hired on by the University of California: Riverside extension in South Korea teaching English.
  • My employer of almost four years is very supportive. I'll continue to work for SeQuential part time, telecommuting, and find part time work in Korea (for a work visa).
Sara's contract is for one year, with a possible one year extension. We'll see what adventures we have - everyone I talk to that has spent time in South Korea loves the country, from the people to the landscape to the food!

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