Thursday, April 1, 2010

Cascadia Triple Crown Presents the Oregon Bike Polo Championships

Press Release

Cascadia Triple Crown Presents the Oregon Bike Polo Championships
Tournament to be held April 17th and 18th at Rose City Park, Portland, Oregon.

Portland, OR – April 17th, 2010 Portland Bike Polo will host the Oregon Championships, the first of three tournaments making up the Cascadia Triple Crown. Hardcourt bike polo is a fast-paced, full contact, team sport played on bicycles. This exciting sport was born in Seattle, grew up in Portland, and now has a large world-wide following.

Over 100 competitors from around the world are expected to compete. Two other tournaments, in Seattle, WA and Vancouver, BC, will complete the triple crown later in the season.  The event, Cascadia Triple Crown Presents the Oregon Bike Polo Championships, will be held on April 17th and 18th at Rose City Park (NE 62nd St. and NE Thompson St.). Spectators are more than welcome and this is event is free to watch.

Want to get involved with Portland Bike Polo? Portland Bike Polo is always glad to have new members – come out and play! We play every Sunday afternoon at Alberta Park in NE Portland. We do ask all players to be 18 years or older, due to the inherent danger of the sport.

About Hardcourt Bike Polo:
  • It is a fast-paced team game played on bicycles.
  • To play you need a durable bicycle, a mallet and a ball. The sport is very DIY focused, so mallets are hand-built out of old ski poles and PVC tubing. The ball is a street hockey ball.  
  • It has many similarities to grass bike polo, horse polo, and hockey.
  • There are three people to a team, and games are played to five points.
  • There are no time outs, no penalties, and there is no referee.
  • It is played on pavement and is a full contact sport.
  • Due to its fast-paced nature and spectacular crashes, it is a popular spectator sport.
Press Contact:
Sasha Friedman
Secretary of Polo



Anonymous said...

PVC shatters.

ABS or Gas pipe mallets. ban PVC.

Anonymous said...

Triple Crown was AWESOME!

goood work 360