Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sara brought back the bikes!

Man I'm stoked - Sara took a little trip to the US and brought our frames back here Korea. Since she was just bringing frames (size / weight / solo traveler restrictions) I had her bring my Litespeed instead of my Redline. I figure if I'm going to be building a bike up anyway, might as well be this damn nice frame I've been sitting on for so long.

Sara brought her Bianchi, which she's ridden for well over 15,000 miles, now on three continents. She's going to convert it to fixed gear - her first - which I'm excited about. Both of our bikes have vertical dropouts, so we ordered a pair of White Industries ENO Eccentric hubs to make them behave themselves.

Since I'll be riding on titanium, I figured I might as well go for a carbon fork (ti forks are $$$)... Since I can be pretty rough on forks, I chose the White Bros. Rock Solid Carbon. No rake, disk mounts (that will go unused), some shock dampening and is a mountain / xc fork so hopefully can take some abuse.

Bad picture, but it ain't much to look at till its put together. I haven't figured out how I'll get all the components together yet - LSD probably. Hope they will let me do my own wrenching.

It'll be interesting riding a mountain frame fixed - I grew up on geared mountain frames, but in Portland my stable was solely a fixed road bike and a fixed polo bike, both set up like mountain bikes.

I'm a bit apprehensive about knocking around the fork... I know how hard I knocked my Redline and polo bike around and they took it well, just like steel should. This new bike is going to be my commuter / polo / dicking around bike all in one, so it will definitely take some abuse... I can't wait to see how hard a direct hit carbon can take!

Bonus picture: LSD bought a vintage campy tool set.

Practically worthless. 100% awesome.


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