Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Photos from the past few weeks

I've been pretty busy with work lately - presto all of the sudden I'm an English teacher. Anyway, here are a few photos from the past few weeks.

We woke up to snow!

Sara and I in the storm.

They didn't need to keep the fishes on ice today!

Going for a walk we got a nice panorama of the hills.

And we found a park and a temple.

It was very peaceful - I'm interested to see what the foliage looks like in the spring.

We found a path that lead up to a ridge. This is a view through the trees at the city - it goes on for miles and miles in every direction. House upon skyscraper upon apartment block.

The park (and part of town) is named after General Naskongde, a figure from Korean history. Here seen in statue form.

In downtown Seoul there is a restored river.

It was quite cold and there were some frozen bits.

A shot from inside a train station... a bit of smog today.

Helping ourselves to a tasty treat. Vanilla frozen yogurt, chocolate gelato, corn flakes, cherry tomato, grapes with finger prints, and a slice of orange and kiwi. We only had a vague knowledge of what we were ordering - it was ordered by pointing to a random desert on the menu.

A not so tasty treat, rice cake with beans. Sara likes this stuff a bunch. I like things with bean paste in them, but these beans are barely smushed, let alone pasted.

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