Sunday, January 4, 2009

Searching but no finding

The past few days have been spent getting the apartment in order - dishes, cookware, towels, a floor bed mat, etc. and figuring out food. We're almost set with knowing what food we are going to get when we order and our rice-maker at home is working great.

Today I decided to try to get some of the harder things on our list: floor and table lamps, a wireless router (I blew mine up with this spicy Korean electricity) and since it was Sara's first day of work, some flowers for her.

A few days ago I found a wireless router, but it was 80,000 won, which is about $69. Figuring I could find a better deal, I started wandering the streets. I found an Office Depot, which only had wired routers (but an incredible selection of stickers), and a few other computer stores that were closed. Finally I found a computer store that was open, but I got the "you don't understand what I'm saying so I'll say it really loud and slowly" treatment from the owner in Korean.

While wandering around, I found one store that sold lamps, but none of them had price tags. I asked the shopkeeper how much they were and he got this stupid grin on his face, managed to get it back off his face and then quoted me a few prices. Needless to say, I didn't buy any lamps there!

As an intermission, I got myself a little bun from a bakery that had some sort of creamy something on the inside. I have no idea what it was and I can't say that I'll get one again.

My search for flowers also came up fruitless - in fact I don't think I've seen any live flowers or live grass since I've gotten here. Most trees are deciduous, so the only green things I've seen are some landscape bamboo at the Samsung tower and a few scraggly hedges.

Well, I think I'll do some research before I go out next time - wandering the streets isn't the worst, but I'd like to get some accomplishments under my belt. Now I'm back at home, warming my feet (damn it is cold outside) and thinking about dinner.


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